Hiking routes in Majorca (Part ll)

When you hear the word Autumn, what does come to your mind? Do you think of colorful leaves all over the fields, cool raining evenings or the first mug of hot chocolate? Probably, most of Europe looks like that, but that’s not the case in Mallorca. Hurrah for St. Michael’s Summer! Furthermore, you find the perfect place to rest in one of our dreamy houses after enjoying a fantastic hiking route. Then, we’ll continue with the hiking routes in Majorca in this article. Come with us for this adventure!

Hiking routes in Majorca (Part ll)

Hiking routes in Majorca

In Majorca, we enjoy the so called St. Michael’s Summer or estiu de Sant Miquel with excursions throughout the mountains and long walks in the open. When the days start to shorten and the sun doesn’t bright as in the summer is the perfect moment to explore the green and adventure side of the island. Today, we want to show you some interesting places in the western area. Here you find the majestic mountain range called Serra de Tramuntana, which offers neverending routes across the luxuriant valleys, large forests, impressive crags and extensive olive groves.

In the area you will find the Puig Major, which is considered the major height of the island with its 1445 meters. You will also find other important peaks belonging to the Tramuntana mountain range like Puig Tomir, Puig de Massanella or Puig de Galatzó. So, grab your hiking shoes and let’s enjoy the mountain!

Hiking routes in Majorca (Part ll)

Monastery of Lluc: The old way from Caimari to Lluc

Let’s start with one of the most famous hiking routes in Majorca, that connects the lovely little village of Caimari with the Sanctuary of Lluc. Every year, lots of pilgrims make this round trip of 4 hours. The route starts on the outskirts of Caimari, climbing through a well indicated ascending path, across olive groves and pine forests. There are lots of possibilities to take panoramic pictures and enjoy the clear views to the plain, while the scent of pines and mushrooms impregnates your senses. About half an hour before you reach the sanctuary, you will find the shelter where you can enjoy an appetiser and take pictures of the monastery in the distance. In addition, in order to start the trip in good condition and with a full belly after a good breakfast, we recommend you to stay at our Agroturism Sa Parellada in Binibona.

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Hiking routes in Majorca (Part ll)

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The Valley of Bóquer: From Port of Pollença to Cala Bóquer

This hiking route in Majorca will make you taste the authentic Mediterranean flavour. This is a comfortable excursion, perfect for the whole family. The path goes through the valley of Bóquer and it’s sided by the Cavall Bernat mountain range. The round trip takes about 2 hours. Despite its ease, we recommend you wear good footwear and enough water since the last stretch is a descending path of stones and gravel. About half an hour before you arrive to the cove, you find a lookout with impressive views to the Mediterranean sea and to the cove, perfect to take memorable pictures!

Cala Bóquer is a pebbled cove, and the most interesting thing is that it’s inhabited by goats, fearless of the visitants since they expect some food from them. By the way, have you ever took a selfie with a goat? This is your opportunity. After a long day enjoying the mountain and the sea, we recommend you to rest in our villa Can Llamas, which features a private pool and garden, and it’s located in Pollença.

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Hiking routes in Majorca (Part ll)

Camí des Correu: From Esporles to Banyalbufar

This is one of the most spectacular hiking routes in Majorca because it offers amazing views to the Mediterranean sea and the coast. From the 19th century, this path was the only one connecting Banyalbufar and Esporles. The origin of this path can be found in the Medieval Age, so it becomes a little piece of the Majorcan culture. The route starts at the church of Esporles and then you just have to follow the indications. You will walk along green forests till you reach the so called Coll des Pi, a good lookout of 450 metres height.

The quiet and authentic village of Banyalbufar is awaiting at the end, surprising with its terraces where the grapes grow before becoming the greatest wine. In addition, you can enjoy a deserving dip at its cove. The round trip takes about 5 hours. You will go on admiring the spectacular views to the Mediterranean in our house in Esporles, Sorbremunt, a Majorcan jewel.

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Hiking routes in Majorca (Part ll)

Tossals Verds: From Cúber Reservoir to the Puig de Tossals Verds

This is one of the hiking routes in Majorca for more experimented hikers. It is a round route that takes approximately 6 hours. It starts at the idyllic reservoir of Cúber, which could be covered by the snow in the coldest season. The route is very well indicated, but you need to wear very good footwear. It goes through the mountains full of trees and bushes till you reach the Torrent of Almadrà, usually with water. Then, you have to continue till the Pas Llis. This is a complicated stretch where you have to grab a rope while crossing the rocky path. However, it is worth it. From the peak of Puig de Tossals Verds you will enjoy a fabulous panoramic view to the island. After this advanced excursion, we recommend you rest at the pool of our house Ses Veles, in Lloseta.

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Hiking routes in Majorca (Part ll)

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Excursions in Majorca

Remember to take with you enough water, food and good footwear in all excursions, as well as a good jacket because it’s usually chilly in the early morning. And don’t forget, if you are looking for a mountain house in Majorca, Vacalia has the one perfect for you!