Majorca, olive oil with designation origin since 2002

Majorcan olive oil is an original agricultural product from the island that can be elaborated with different olive varieties such as “arbequina, empeltre or picual” through different processes that are thought to keep the smell and flavor of this natural gold liquid.

The Majorcan olive oil export to other countries world-wide began in the XIII century and grew through the XVI century, the moment in where the cultivation and production techniques started to improve and turned it in the main source of wealth in the island, specially in the fincas where they had their own oil press.

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Mallorca, land of wines: from Pla – Llevant and Binissalem designation of origin to the Serra de Tramuntana – North Coast

 Wine making in Majorca is a sector that’s growing in the island’s gastronomy. Even though Majorcan wineries don’t have a lot of distribution, it’s drinks are really appreciated by the expert palates. The island has two designations of origin: D.O. Pla i Llevant and D.O Binissalem, but in the Serra de Tramuntana, Pollença, Algaida… we can find nice wines too.

Majorcan wine story begins, as it’s known, in the VII and VI b.C Centuries but the grape cultivation begins with the arrival of the Roman imperium at the island. Nevertheless, during the arabian times it was forbidden to drink wine and it was with King Jaume I when Majorca recovered its wine culture. Nowadays,Majorcan wines are known for its singularity,its high quality and its personality.

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What could you eat in Majorca? Here you are a typical Majorcan Menu

What we eat and drink in Majorca says a lot about the island.

The gastronomic tourism is one of the main emergent segments in the sector and the Majorcan food adjusts perfectly to what it’s visitors are looking for. The island has restaurants, tradition and many local markets with plenty first quality products that enrich every dish. The gastronomic culture in Majorca offers options for every kind of diets or lifestyle.

What could you eat in Majorca?

With the main goal to let you know some of the most famous Majorcan dishes, in Vacalia we’ve prepared a mixed menu so that you could have an idea of what we eat and drink in Majorca:

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Family plans to enjoy your holidays in Majorca with 0 to 5 years old kids

Today we wanto to share som plans to do with kids from 0 to 5 years old. Majorca is a Mediterranean paradise historically dominated by Romans and Arabians, besides of being an excellent destiny to visit during holidays with small kids. From babies to teenagers can enjoy the beauty of the island.

family plans in mallorca

Today we’ll be focusing on plans to do with kids from 0 to 5 years old. Are you in?

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Castles and legends: four routes through the majorcan defensive architecture history

 Majorca counts with many castles and samples of defensive architecture, which are part of the archipelago history. Specifictly, the island has an historic heritage where there legends, towers, castles and fortresses stand out.

CastlesLegends in Mallorca

From Vacalia! we invite you to know four majorcan castles routes:

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