5 Boat Excursions from the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca, with its stunning coastline bathed by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, is one of the most captivating destinations for those seeking the charms of the sea and nature.

With an infinity of hidden coves, impressive cliffs, and small paradisiacal islands, there is no better way to discover the essence of the Costa Blanca than through exciting boat excursions. In this article, we invite you to set sail with us on an unforgettable journey with some of the most outstanding excursions in this coastal region.

The Enchantment of Tabarca Island 

We begin our journey towards the stunning Tabarca Island, a small paradise located off the coast of Santa Pola. This island, declared a Marine Reserve in 1986, harbors a surprising marine ecosystem with crystal-clear waters perfect for snorkeling and diving. Boat tours from Santa Pola or Alicante will take you to this paradise, where you can explore its hidden coves with turquoise waters and immerse yourself in the island’s rich history, which was a refuge for pirates and a place of captivity for ancient sailors. 

As you disembark from the boat, you will find the entrance to the walled town and the Levante or San Rafael Gate. 

During the tour of the island, we recommend visiting the Church of San Pedro and San Pablo, one of the few monuments on the island of Tabarca that can be accessed on foot, although access is usually closed to the public. Later, you can admire the lighthouse and the San José Tower. 

After a day of exploration, there is no better way to end this adventure than by tasting an authentic paella at one of the local restaurants.

5 Boat Excursions from the Costa Blanca
Excursion to Tabarca Island

The Route of the Coves from Jávea 

The charming town of Jávea is famous for its stunning coves with crystal-clear waters and golden sand. An exciting tour on a speedboat or catamaran will allow you to discover some of the most spectacular coves in the region, such as Cala Granadella, Cala Blanca, and Cala Ambolo. You can find different tours from Playa del Arenal. Some include onboard paella lunch. 

Surrounded by steep cliffs and lush vegetation, these coves will offer you an idyllic setting. At Cala Granadella, it is common to enjoy a refreshing swim under the warm Mediterranean sun or go snorkeling to contemplate marine life. Granadella is a beautiful pebble beach with crystal-clear water awarded with the Blue Flag. It is a cove within the Granadella Forest Park.

5 Boat Excursions from the Costa Blanca
Boat excursion to the coves from Jávea

Boat Excursion to Benidorm Island 

Departing from the port of Benidorm, a short journey will reveal stunning panoramic views of the coast. Upon reaching the island, This symbol of Benidorm, also known as the Island of Journalists or l’Illa de Benidorm, will amaze you with its rich flora and fauna, creating a paradisiacal setting. Explore its natural trails to enjoy unforgettable panoramic views, you can see up to the Peñón de Ifach in Calpe. Pirates used the island as a base to attack the coastal towns of the bay. This special place is known for its numerous legends. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into the underwater world by snorkeling and diving in its waters teeming with marine life. Benidorm Island will seduce you with its Mediterranean charm and the tranquility it offers. At the end of the day, board the boat again to return to the city, carrying with you indelible memories of a unique experience in the “Pearl of the Mediterranean.”

 This boat adventure will give you the opportunity to discover the island’s natural wealth, its fascinating underwater world, and its unique beauty. An unforgettable experience that will connect you with the magic of the sea and the Costa Blanca!

5 Boat Excursions from the Costa Blanca
Excursion to Benidorm Island

Catamaran Cruise through the Bays of Calpe or Altea

 Calpe and Altea, coastal towns with a rich history and stunning beauty, take on a different perspective when sailing along their coast. Find a boat tour from their ports to enjoy panoramic views. An unforgettable experience is seeing the majestic Peñón de Ifach from the sea. The rock formation of Calpe rising from the sea offers an imposing view, and photographing it from this perspective will delight you. During the journey, it is not uncommon to spot playful dolphins or seabirds soaring in the skies.

Sunset in Denia 

Denia, another charming coastal town on the Costa Blanca, is famous for its stunning sunsets over the Mediterranean. There is no better way to enjoy this natural spectacle than aboard a boat. Sailing at sunset will allow you to contemplate the sun dipping into the horizon, creating a truly special and memorable scene. The breeze on your face and the colors of the sky on the horizon will make this experience something you will never forget.

5 Boat Excursions from the Costa Blanca
Sunset in Denia

These five boat excursions are just a sample of the wonders that the Costa Blanca has to offer. From small paradisiacal islands to hidden coves, the diversity and beauty of this coastal region will leave you breathless. Sail, explore, and let yourself be seduced by the magic of the Mediterranean as you discover the most dazzling treasures of the Costa Blanca on an exciting boat journey. An adventure that you will surely cherish in your heart forever!

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