Cala Boix, Ibiza

Cala Boix, Ibiza

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Cala Boix is a hidden gem located in the charming village of Sant Carles de Peralta, on the eastern coast of the beautiful island of Ibiza. With its crystal-clear turquoise waters, golden sandy beach, and breathtaking natural surroundings, Cala Boix is a paradise for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. Nestled in a secluded cove, Cala Boix offers a tranquil and peaceful escape from the bustling tourist areas of Ibiza. The beach is surrounded by rugged cliffs and lush greenery, creating a stunning backdrop for sunbathing and relaxation. The calm and shallow waters make it an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling, allowing visitors to explore the vibrant marine life that inhabits the area. One of the unique features of Cala Boix is its distinctive black sand, which sets it apart from the other beaches on the island. This volcanic sand is not only visually striking but also has therapeutic properties, making it a popular choice for those seeking natural remedies for various skin conditions. The beach is equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit. There are sun loungers and umbrellas available for rent, as well as showers and toilets for convenience. Additionally, there is a beachside restaurant that serves delicious local cuisine, allowing visitors to indulge in traditional Ibicenco dishes while enjoying the stunning views. For those looking to explore beyond the beach, Cala Boix offers several hiking trails that wind through the surrounding hills and cliffs. These trails provide breathtaking panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the picturesque countryside, making it a popular spot for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. Cala Boix is also conveniently located near several other attractions and villages worth exploring. Just a short drive away is the charming town of Sant Carles de Peralta, known for its traditional whitewashed houses and vibrant hippie market. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture, browse unique handmade crafts, and sample delicious local delicacies. In conclusion, Cala Boix is a hidden paradise that offers a unique and unforgettable beach experience on the island of Ibiza. Its stunning natural beauty, tranquil atmosphere, and distinctive black sand make it a must-visit destination for those seeking a peaceful and authentic Ibiza experience. Whether you're looking to relax on the beach, explore the surrounding nature trails, or immerse yourself in the local culture, Cala Boix has something for everyone. So, pack your sunscreen and get ready to discover the beauty of Cala Boix in Sant Carles de Peralta.

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