Nueva Andalucía, Málaga

Nueva Andalucía, Málaga

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Nueva Andalucía is a beautiful and vibrant neighborhood located in the heart of Marbella, on the southern coast of Spain. Known for its luxurious properties, stunning golf courses, and lively atmosphere, Nueva Andalucía is a popular destination for tourists and expats alike. One of the most notable features of Nueva Andalucía is its world-class golf courses. The neighborhood is home to several renowned courses, including the Aloha Golf Club, Las Brisas Golf Club, and Los Naranjos Golf Club. These courses offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains and sea, and attract golf enthusiasts from around the world. In addition to its golf courses, Nueva Andalucía is also known for its luxurious properties. The neighborhood is home to a wide range of high-end villas, apartments, and townhouses, many of which offer stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. These properties are popular among wealthy individuals and families, as well as those looking for a luxurious vacation home. Despite its reputation as an exclusive neighborhood, Nueva Andalucía is also home to a vibrant and diverse community. The neighborhood is home to a wide range of restaurants, bars, and cafes, offering everything from traditional Spanish cuisine to international fare. There are also several shopping centers and boutiques in the area, making it a popular destination for those looking to indulge in some retail therapy. Overall, Nueva Andalucía is a beautiful and dynamic neighborhood that offers something for everyone. Whether you're a golf enthusiast, a luxury homebuyer, or simply looking for a lively and diverse community, Nueva Andalucía is the perfect destination. So why not come and experience all that this stunning neighborhood has to offer for yourself?

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