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One of the most emblematic spots in Valldemossa is La Real Cartuja. It was build in the XIV Centurt during the king Jaime || kingdom as holidays place for the Majorcan Monachy. Its main goal was to heal his son Sancho's asma. In the XV century beginning, it stopped being used as a palace and the monks turned it into La Cartuja. On XIX century beginning there was the confiscation that forced the Cartujos to abandon the monastery. As a private entity it started to welcome some big illustrious that contributed to the Spanish History: Rubén Dario, Unamuno, Azorín... Eventhough, no doubt, its most known visitor was Chopin who, accompained by the writter George Sand, created some of his pieces during his stay in The Cartuja. In the Royal Cartuja of Valldemossa you'll be able to visit the Museum that shows the Cartujos legacy, memories from Chopin and George Sand stay and a few pieces from the XV and XX centuries. You can go through an itinerary that'll take you through the Church, the Cloister, the Cells and the Palace of King Sancho. You'll also be able to go for a walk through the Cartuja's gardens and enjoy the lovely exterior. Schedule: Open Monday from Saturday. Sundays April - October from 10:00 to 13:00h. Sundays: Closed from November - March until April 1st Sunday. Closed: December 25th and January 1st. Tickets:

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